Cultural tourism in the dominican republic

Lechón carnaval de Santiago de los caballeros The Dominican Republic is rich in culture and has a lot of museums that tell through documents and objects corresponding to each historic moment of the country how have evolved the customs and traditions of the Dominican people, as well as its origins. This country still has many of the traditions of their indigenous and African ancestors and Spanish and French colonizers, especially in the culinary arts and religious expressions.

The Dominican Republic celebrates its Carnival the entire month of February. There are parades every Sunday of this month mostly held in the cities of Santo Domingo and La Vega.

Some of the museums you should visit and the vast majority are open from Tuesday to Sunday are:
  • - Centro León, in Santiago de los Caballeros
  • - Las Casas Reales Museum Santo Domingo
  • - Museum of the XIX century Dominican Family
  • - Larimar Museum
  • - Amber Museum, Puerto Plata
  • - Amber Museum, Santo Domingo
  • - Museum of Modern Art Santo Domingo
  • - Museum of the Dominican Man
  • - National Museum of History and Geography
  • - Historical Park of La Isabela, Puerto Plata

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